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The firm

In 2017, Evrykleia Tzimou created her own firm, brand-named “Evrykleia Tzimou design” based in Athens, Greece. Since then, the company’s name has grown rapidly and started counting significant collaborations with distinct architects, civil engineers and designers.

“Evrykleia Tzimou design”, undertakes studies from the very beginning to the final stage of each project. The firm’s philosophy represents the contemporary design while creating high standard studies.

The founder…

Evrykleia Tzimou was the co-founder of be about (2009-2017) and has more than 12 years of experience in design and renovation. She has worked on and accomplished an extended range of projects like: offices, urban and country residences, hotels, café/ bar/restaurants, exhibition centers and kiosks.

…and the artist

Evrykleia’s talent, education, creativity and passion, created her distinctive style where innovation, uniqueness and high quality meet ends to exceed any expectation.

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