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TITTLE: Aesthetic improvement and lighting pollution reduction throught lighting design in a case study of an undercut residence.

LOCATION: Sophia, Bulgary

ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a lighting design installation which forms an agreeable environment without creating lighting pollution. The case study concerns an undercut residence located in the Aegean islands of Cyclades. Presupposing that the lighting design conforms to the current regulations for the functional use of space, the aim is to prove that, through the lighting design, the architecture of an undercut residence can be highlighted, without creating any light pollution. Moreover, the equipment that is used is energy efficient. This way, the design not only creates an environment-friendly residence which saves energy and helps preserve the dark Cycladic sky but also makes sure to exceed a modern person’s expectations of relaxation, aesthetics and ease of living in. Since the built environment penetrates the ground, as half of the structure is under it, the lighting design adjusts the balance between light and dark from the indoor to the outdoor and vice versa, while it is also adapted harmonically to the building’s architecture.

TEAM: Evrykleia Tzimou

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