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TITTLE: Innovative lighting design for a Children’s hospital based on theatre lighting principles


ABSTRACT: In the present study, a non-conventional lighting design is proposed as a key instrument in addressing the emotional needs of the hospitalized children and helping make the environment as natural as possible, even pleasant or exciting, in order to counterbalance the fear and discomfort they experience when they are visiting a hospital. Principles that are applied in theatrical lighting are used for the interior lighting design of a hospital for children. The lighting design is based on the fulfillment of illumination levels for comfortable, safe and functional use of space, in accordance with existing regulations. At the same time, lighting design aims at creating an atmosphere, through a composition and style that meets the emotional needs of children who are hospitalized as well as emotionally supporting their escorts.

TEAM: Evrykleia Tzimou, Sophia Sotiropoulou, Dimitris Zevgolis

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